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          • If you connect, you must protect.
        • 备份信息。 Back up your contacts, financial data, photos, videos, and other mobile device data to another device or cloud service in case your device is compromised and you have to reset it to factory settings.
        • 是最新的。 Keep your software updated to the latest version available. Maintain your security settings to keeping your information safe by turning on automatic updates so you don’t have to think about it, and set your security software to run regular scans.
        • 保持锁定状态。 Lock your device when you are not using it. Even if you only step away for a few minutes, that is enough time for someone to steal or misuse your information. Set your devices to lock after a short time and use strong PINs and passwords.
        • 加倍您的登录保护。

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        • 在旅途中

        • 留保护,同时连接。 502 Bad Gateway
        • 很难得到发挥与陌生人。
        • 千万不要点击,并告诉。
        • 保护您的移动设备。 To prevent theft and unauthorized access or loss of sensitive information, never leave your equipment—including any USB or external storage devices—unattended in a public place. Keep your devices secured in taxis, at airports, on airplanes, and in your hotel room.
        • For more information about connecting with confidence visit: https://开头niccs.us-cert.gov/national-cybersecurity-awareness-month-2019



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